Orthodontic Braces

The majority of patients undergoing orthodontic care are children and teens. But you are never too old as long as you have good bone and good oral hygiene.

Dr. Hogge is a General Dentist who can straighten your teeth.  He has been providing comprehensive orthodontic care for our patients since 2010. There are more teeth-straightening options today than ever before. None are quite so well-known as traditional metal braces, though. Their metal wires and brackets are what immediately come to mind when anyone says the word “braces”. Conventional braces work by shifting first the crown of the tooth and then the root. Over time, teeth shift into more ideal positions. This not only affects the look of your smile. It also fixes jaw position, corrects bite issues, and can prevent gum disease.

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Modern-day metal braces have changed a lot since their original design in the 1800s – they’re smaller, less conspicuous, and more comfortable than ever before. They remain one of the most popular and affordable orthodontic treatments for people of all ages.

After getting your braces put on, you’ll need to come in for monthly appointments. At these appointments, we make adjustments to the archwires and o-rings and generally make sure everything is going smoothly. Most patients keep their braces in place for one to two years before having them removed.

To hold your teeth in their proper positions, we recommend that you wear your retainer for 4 months all the time. After that, you should wear it nightly while you’re asleep. For best results, we recommend wearing your retainer at night for several years or indefinitely to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place.

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